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Adjustable for Any School Size

LookThink CognoSIS is designed to meet your needs — not the other way around. From small, specialty schools and large public districts to primary and continuing education campuses, LookThink CognoSIS operates wherever learning exists — virtually, in-person, or hybrid.

We are proud to partner with every type of school — from new, growing, and underserved to established institutions — creating unique, accessible solutions that support their long-term success.

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Let Your SIS Do the Work — Not the Other Way Around

Charter Schools

Charter schools need to know they have an SIS that can support and adapt to nontraditional education models on the fly — especially when their operations aren’t bound by conventional term limits. 

With LookThink CognoSIS, charter schools can: 

    • Gain critical insights into the enrollment pipeline, identify trends, and improve enrollment rates.
    • Easily integrate with third-party LMS software that tracks marketing, finances, and grounds operations.
    • Manage their applicant pool, create a lottery system, and process demographic information for enrollment.

Case Management

Reporting + Analytics


Academic Achievement

Public School Districts

Public school districts manage thousands of students a year. Teachers and administrators need a robust, user-friendly SIS that will speed up workflows, improve daily operations, and manage student data accurately and efficiently.

With LookThink CognoSIS, public schools can:

    • Process digital and in-person enrollments more quickly with an easy-to-use interface.
    • Auto-enroll students at the end of each year with one click.
    • Migrate historic data, and integrate with other SIS and LMS systems, such as Aeries.

Recruiting + Promotion

Enrollment Records

Admissions Statistics

Attendance Patterns

Independent + Specialty Schools

As many independent and specialty schools’ learning environments evolve over the course of the calendar year, they need a flexible SIS that’s built to bend — forwards, backwards, and sideways.

With LookThink CognoSIS,  independent schools can:

    • Configure custom dashboards with all student, financial, and institutional data in one place.
    • Accommodate satellite course offerings and special access programs outside of traditional term deadlines.
    • Maintain the admissions funnel with real-time insights at the recruitment level for up-to-date reporting.

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