Using Salesforce Student Success Hub for Effective Case Management Across a District

At a Glance

Madera Unified School District (MUSD) have dedicated themselves to a cultural shift across their district in order to better serve their students and the employees who help them. Working together, we put processes and systems in place that track the correct data in a single system of truth, monitor student behaviors for intervention, and, most importantly, create a system of accountability for follow-up and rapid action for staff at all schools across the district.

The Challenge

    • Create a centralized, unified structure that showed data from multiple systems and could generate reports/conclusions in one place
    • Providing a full 360 view of the student that encompassed data from academics, attendance, behavior, and family/household dynamics

Our Approach

What We Did
Created a data integration between Salesforce and Aeries (Madera’s previous student tracking system), Implemented Salesforce Student Success Hub for Case Management, Created a Fonteva-based Parent Engagement Center (in progress)

Who We Helped
District Staff & Leadership, School Success Team Teacher & Staff & Principles (School Level), Students, Parents/Families

What We Used
Aeries, Salesforce – Student Success Hub (SSH), Fonteva Events

About the Client

Madera Unified School District serves 20,000 students and has over 2,000 employees in California. They are guided by a powerful vision which encourages them to provide an educational program in which students are “driven by their aspirations, not bound by their circumstances.”​


Madera, CA

Creating a Process for Accountability

In order to have a successful system, you need to have great processes that feed into that system. Madera USD understood the importance of resolving any process issues and standardizing processes across the board prior to building out a technical solution. The process needs to be put in place first, and the tool should accelerate those previously established processes. Madera USD looked ahead to how things should be done and put a plan in place to grow towards those goals. One major goal was around accountability and continuous improvement. Madera USD understood the power of measuring the right things and how that power can truly change human behavior. There were things Madera USD wanted to do for their students but, with their current processes, they were having trouble proving that those things were actually getting done. They created a system of specific definitions of students with high needs and low achievement and then defined the actions that needed to take place surrounding those definitions. Teachers, Counselors, Student Advocates, Psychologists, etc all have different touchpoints for students and the district and now those activities were being monitored and confirmed that the appropriate actions were actually being taken.

An Important Focus Shift due to COVID-19

Madera USD had a huge laundry list of requirements and all of that changed when COVID-19 hit. Now more than ever, attendance is a major focus and ensuring that students were attending class virtually. The stakes are even higher now. Attendance is the most important indicator of student success insofar as ensuring a child is getting what they need in order to learn. If a student doesn’t attend class, we have the system in place for the appropriate Student Support person to reach out to the families to see what’s going on and, most importantly, the confirmation that the outreach actually got done and what the result was.

A System that’s More Than Just the Individual Parts of a Student’s Academic Career

Student Success Hub helps you look at the student as a whole, which is the most exciting part for Madera USD stakeholders. They finally can have answers to the following questions:

  • How can I get the grand overview of a student?
  • What is a student having trouble with?
  • What is a student excelling at?
  • What cases are open for this particular student?

The answers to all these questions help Madera USD do their job better and, most importantly, help the student success mission all schools strive for.

The attendance app allows Madera’s teachers to quickly and accurately assess their students’ attendance records.

Advice for Other Schools like Madera USD

Madera USD understood the importance of transparency, cooperation, and clarity in order to create the system they knew they needed. For others in similar situations, they recommend the following tips:

1. Define Goals
It’s important to be able to clearly articulate the few things you want to do really well instead of trying to tackle a long laundry list of goals all at once. You can always build from your starting point.

2. Identify a Project Champion
You’re going to need someone internal to champion the work and really spend the time with whoever is helping you to get this done. It’s going to take a lot of time and dedication so it’s important that someone is there throughout the whole process.

3. Align Resources
Center your resources around the 2-3 goals you’ve identified as critical. Think about the leverage points you have with human capital and your staff and rally them around that common goal.

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